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Rock Bottom - 48 Hr Version

You've hit bottom. Now it's time to climb back up. · By Platypus Studios, itsIzzac


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UPDATE: Over 100 Copies Downloaded
Hi everyone, We at Platypus Studios want to say thank you! Over the past weekend over 100 copies of Rock Bottom were downloaded and those numbers are climbing...
Added In-Browser Version
We've added an HTML version of the game for you to play if you don't want to download the game. Your gamepad will still work with this version. If you enjoy t...
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Added Total Death Counter and Total Time played
We've added a Total Time taken to beat the game counter at the end of the game as well as a Total death counter. Now you get to see how long it took you to bea...
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Mac Support!
We added a mac version of the game, if you experience any bugs, feel free to send us a message and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can!...
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Keyboard Support!
We added keyboard support for the game. Controls: a = Activate levers s = Sling from green orbs d = Dash f = Jump and Double Jump Arrows = Movement...
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