We've all felt the pain of loss, depression or anxiety. It's almost impossible to not be affected by at least one of these things in day to day life. They can make you feel like you've sunk to a depth that there is no easy escape.  What if that pit was a real entity you needed to conquer in order to  move on? That is the world of Rock Bottom. Face increasingly more difficult platforming levels to climb to the top, collecting new skills and finding the secrets of the story hidden throughout. 

Rock Bottom is Platypus Paradox's second submission to the Northern Game Design Challenge. This year's theme was crowd sourced by the participants for each different genre teams chose (we picked 2D Platformer prior to the competition). We received "High Concept Art" and hit the ground running with it.  This year's team was composed of Jean Francois Poulin (lead programmer), Khris Finley (music and sound design), Joel Boucher (level design, programmer) and Paul Ungar (art and animation).

There are elements that were made for the game that didn't ultimately make it it due to time constraints: additional animation (both character and environment), additional art assets, improved UI/UX, fine tuned mechanics and controls, additional levels. We are really proud of the project we completed during the competition and over the next few months will be working towards a full release with many more levels, puzzles and mechanics. 

If you play the game, please leave a comment and a review. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

(Play in fullscreen for the best experience!)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Note:  Keyboard controls are support however the game is optimized to use a game pad.

Keyboard Controls

Arrows = Movement
f = Jump and Double Jump
d = Dash
s = Sling from green orbs
a = Activate levers
Esc = Pause
Enter = Select menu option

Game Pad Controls

Left Thumb Stick = Movement
a = Jump and Double Jump
x = Dash
y = Sling from green orbs
b = Activate levers
Start = Pause
a = Select in menus


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Version 5
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Version 2

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